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The 111m blade of 14MW fan adopts carbon glass composite main beam to reduce the cost

In order to lay a technical foundation for the development of 11-15 MW wind turbines, German aerodyn company has preliminarily designed a 14MW wind turbine, which will adopt 111m TC1B fan blade. The main beam of the blade is made of carbon fiber and glass fiber mixed reinforced composite material, which will reduce the consumption of high cost carbon fiber to the minimum.

Modern structural design concepts, coupled with aerodyn's over 30 years of experience in fan blade development, have resulted in the development of TC1B fan blades for 14 MW fans. The blade can be adjusted and optimized according to rated power, fan type, wind farm environment and other specific conditions. The blade was developed using the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

At a power rating of 14 MW, aerodyn's fan blades can achieve a impeller diameter of 228 m, a speed rating of 7.54 RPM, and a tip speed of 90 m/s. Meanwhile, the maximum chord length of 14MW fan blade is 7.018 m, and the tip is pre-bent 4 m. In addition, the diameter of the blade root bolt circle (the diameter of the root pitch circle) reaches 5050 mm.

At present, the company is focusing on the development of 10 MW fans, which will be put into production next year. Next, more powerful turbines, about 15 MW, could be on the market around 2025. Right now, supply chains and the necessary infrastructure are the big challenges to implementing future plans.

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