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The world's first aircraft using carbon fiber thermoplastic reinforced laminate officially delivered

Teijin Limited today announced that the A350 XWB aircraft, a new generation of Airbus ultra wide body medium-sized airliner, which uses Teijin tpcl carbon fiber thermoplastic reinforced laminates, has been delivered to Japan Airlines and arrived at Tokyo Haneda airport on June 14.

As Airbus's top supplier for more than 30 years, we provide aircraft manufacturers with Tenax ? carbon fiber for aircraft parts manufacturing. In May 2014, Tenax ? tpcl was registered as a qualified product of Airbus, which is the first time in the world to use carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) for the main structural components of Airbus aircraft. Tenax ? tpcl is a carbon fiber composite made of high impact, heat and chemical resistant Peek (PEEK) thermoplastic resin provided by Teijin carbon Europe GmbH.

More and more attention has been paid to the research and development of solid, light and high-performance materials, which provide environmental protection solutions for improving fuel efficiency. The company has focused its carbon fiber business on aircraft and rapidly expanded its application in the middle and lower reaches. Looking forward to the future, we intend to further strengthen our carbon fiber and intermediate materials business and strive to become a leading solution provider in aviation applications.

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