Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So back in the 70's the novelty gift giving was super hot....

Referred to as a "Gag Gift" this is one of them.
The Nobility "Little John" AM Radio 
Still in the original box and never used... I wonder why?
It even has the original 9 volt battery in the plastic and not corroded!

Who wouldn't want to listen to the big game on a pink toilet right?
Made in Hong Kong... 
Too bad AM radio is pretty much just talk now, it would be fun to listen to the stations through your portable toilet...
I like cool stuff like this as it's not that common and I guarantee you'd be the only one out there walking around listening to your pink toilet.   It's Vintage Gag Gear for guys!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Since I'm always fixing things and making things, my clothes have been getting a bit dirty...
So I made this to keep me clean.  

I liked how it turned out so much I'm offering them for sale on link to my workwear site at the top right.
I used raw Cone 12 oz denim with lovely yellow selvedge from a few years ago.  
I made it with all cotton thread, copper rivets and leather instead of what you always see as they used gromits.   Not sure if it's better but it sure looks nicer.  I also got to use my vintage sewing machines too... 
I even have hidden selvedge on each pocket... just a little detail to make me smile.  I mean if you're going to make it yourself, why not make it exactly how you want it....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.