Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today, yes I'm afraid it's another sewing machine...

But this one is probably my coolest machine ever...
It's an overlock sewing machine from Singer.  A 81-72.   From 1936.
It's just so awesome.  It's got levers and metal pieces all over and it's just so cool to look at.
This is the machine the makes the stitch like you'd find on an end to fabric.  Like on a pant seam or edge of a blanket...  It also cuts off the remaining fabric with two knives that work as the sewing machine stitches.
I just picked this up so it's not currently working and I have no idea how to thread this thing yet... Manual aren't actually all over the place.
The back.  It weights probably 30-40 pounds.   It's a chunk.
a peak inside.  Oil caps to fill, tension discs and more levers.  It does spin freely so that's the best part.  I think everything is still there.... I hope...
Vintage sewing machines are a passion of mine.  I just love the mechanics, the design and the usufullness of them.  Plus, this one might have been used to sew old denim!  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

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