Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Today it's a fantastic pair of cowboy boots.
Made by one of the best cowboy boot manufactures in the USA... Luchese.
 This pair is from the Classics Handmade line.   Classic low heeled black leather cowboy boots. 
 Unfortunately these were a few sized too big for me so they're enjoying life on someone elses feet right now.
 I just liked them so much I'd thought I'd share...

A pair of cowboy boots or boots like these are always great to have in the closet.  Ready for a night out or day of work... They never go out of style.  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

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  1. Hi,

    Fantastic blog! I've recently bought a tusting bag since i got inspired by yours. If you dont mind - an update of your tusting bag would be wonderful to see how it aged. I also wonder what kind of leather products do you use on it?


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