Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today I finally got a new motor for my Singer 111w155
I got a great new Servo Motor for my super heavy duty walking foot.  It replaces the old clutch motor, that are always running, always getting hot, always noisy and super heavy...
I had to do some surgery to my old singer table, but I think in the end it was worth it.  
I had to cut open the two holes for the old leather belt, and expand the cut towards the back so the belt would run smoothly... not too bad.  Oh and I had to drill three holes for the motor to be attached as the old motors and four holes and don't line up with the new motor.
It's much smaller and the great thing about it is you can adjust the speed of the machine much more than just the foot pedal.  You can set it for low to high and that's as fast as it will go... not more crazy run-a-aways..
I love the old real wood tables and wanted to keep it as nice as I could.  I also rewired the old original light so no more, "Will I be electrocuted by turning it on today"
The original foot pedal to the table.   I can't tell you how much fun having a real heavy duty machine is.   I can sew anything with this one.  Leather, heavy duty canvas, you name it.   It's Vintage Gear for Guys.


  1. Picture 4: where did you get the switch? i think my switch is broken buti have no idea where to get the switch.

  2. it came with the motor... I think any sewing on/off switch would work.


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