Monday, April 2, 2012


Today it's a vintage Thermos Bottle.
I got this one when I picked up the other last week.
It's a large Quart thermos.
It looks like it has a screw lid, but it's actually a plastic cork.
It must have been an in-between in vacuum bottle technology. 
Still has a very lovely glass liner.
and of course the lid functions as a lid and a cup.
I'm really digging these old thermoses.
I guess if you broke the glass you could get a replacement since they list the filler no. on the bottom.   I still don't trust these "cork" style ones though after all these years with a bottle laying down...  But it is very cool Vintage Gear for Guys! 

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  1. i haven't seen the glass liner for these in a long time.

    you can pick up new corks at most any hardware store. usually in the specialty connectors section.

    in 1969 i got assigned to a crew doing new construction. in the first month at least six of these died a horrible death, rattling around in various trucks and one swan dive off the 39th floor of an office building.

    i went to the local hardware and bought a stanley stainless. except for the stopper and paint it is original. i was making $91.50 a week and the thermos cost $29.95 (a major investment at the time). i just bought one of my boys a new one for $24.95.


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