Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today it's an old Singer Sewing Machine.
I bought three machines when I picked up my 29-4.   This was part of that lot.  I sold the other Darning machine as it was more heavy duty but kept this smaller one for personal use.
I'm just starting to clean  and oil it up.
Although it doesnt' say singer anymore it is.    The M.G. Sewing Machine Co.  probably just re badged when they serviced it.
I almost have it working now too.  That's the bobbin there inside the arm.
Not sure it's properly threaded...  I also need to clean out the tensions on it.
If you notice, it doesn't have feet to move the work as you just move it yourself over that smooth metal to fix a hole in your fabric.
Every dry cleaner would have one of these machines back in the day as people repaired their clothes much more than today.   Personally I like a patch on my pants or work shirt... I think it give it character.  It's Vintage Gear for Guys...  oh and if you now which model this one is please let me know!

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