Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today it's a cool pair of 1970's Levi's 646 Bell Bottoms.
Not really my style, but cool never the less.
Classic orange tab.
Nice chain stitching around the waist
Chain stitch also on the back pockets.
Can't really see it, but Scovill zipper
39 stamped on the back button.
They're not crazy bells but still flair... My cat likes them too.
The denim is really nice, although not selvedge it should fade wonderfully.
The inside tag, although they left off the size.  This pair measures 39 x 30.  Too big for me.
Vintage jeans are a must for the Vintage Guy.  They don't have to be 70's Bells, but you should have a pair in your rotation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today it's an awesome new pair of shoes for me!
It's a pair of Bob Smart Longwings from the 1950's.
These will replace my Florsheims as they're one width bigger and fit much better on my foot.
I've got a flash on the shoes, so they're more brown than red, but I did just give them a huge polish.
The quality on this maker is excellent.   It's my first pair of Bob Smart.
Plus it has as solid rubber heel so I should go sliding around corners like I do with the V-Cleat.
Before Star Trek, Vulcan's only lived on the bottom of your feet.
Inside tag.
I'm really digging these shoes.
Usually I don't cuff that high when I wear dress shoes, but thought I'd just live with it today.   Having a great pair of dress shoes is a must in the Vintage Gear for Guys closet.