Friday, July 1, 2011


Today it's something I made this week...
It's called a Stitching Pony and it's used for Leather Working.
You put this between your legs and it's basically a third hand to hold your leather item when you sew it.
These have been around for about as long as men have worked with leather.  A stitching "Horse" is the same design, but attached to a short stool... so you sit on it (ride) it.   While the more mobile one is called the "Pony."  
This one is made from all recycled oak I had laying around... the bottom is even old floorboards from my house built in 1937.   I used no nails in it's construction.
I put a piece of leather on the clamp so the wood wouldn't hurt the piece I'll be working on.
I haven't used it yet as I just got a coat of varnish on it last night but now it's good to go.  I might play with the actual wing nut to make it look nicer, but for now it's good to go.
Having the right tools for the job is very important.  I saw they sold versions of this at Tandy Leather, but it looked cheap and well, I enjoy making things so I thought I could do better....   Plus, I can customize the height as I feel it should be...  It's not old, but the design is, so it's Vintage Gear for Guys!  Edit: yes I attached the clamp the wrong way... it is now fixed and I'll replace the photos....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today it's a new item for Early To Rise....
I've started making wallets.  
This is the first model.  Heavy vegetable tanned hide with raw cone denim lining.
Hold four cards and your cash.   The cool thing about Veg Tanned hide is it will age and take on a unique look....  you can also oil it and get your own look for it.
Hand stitched and hand cut.   
A wallet is a guy thing for sure.   You can have a fancy Italian leather wallet or a a tough wallet like this one.   Either way it's Vintage Gear for Guys.    Check out for this and other items we're starting to make....