Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today its the lowly work gloves.
This is a pair I've had for a few years.  I go through them about every 4 or so years.
I like the less cluttered gloves simple on style and features.
Once you get them wet a few times they mold to your hands and are really a great tool to have...
Every guy should own a pair of work gloves.
Pick up a pair and throw them in your tool box... when you need them, you'll be glad they're there...  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today it's my vintage bottle capper.
I bought this because I am planning on getting into home brewing.
This is a great looking vintage bottle capper.  All metal with a wood handle.
It might have been red at one time, but I like the bits of color peaking through.
It's pretty straight forward.... you put your bottle at the base, put a fresh cap on and pull the handle.
All metal gears too.
There's the inside where all the magic happens...
the bottom.. All cast iron, made in the USA.  If you're going to do some crafts or arts, why not use some vintage equipment....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I had to mend a sweater of mine and thought I'd highlight my box of threads.
Every guy who owns vintage clothes will need to mend his clothes from time to time....  I know I have too.
Every time I hit a thrift store or garage sale and they have a collection of vintage spools of thread, I pick them up... it's so much cheaper than buying each color you would need, as you only need a little bit at a time.
It's a bit messy, but it works.  I also like the fact that my mend has vintage cotton thread in it.
I thought this was funny, "Fruit of the Loom" made thread at one time.
It's really a mixture of spools and colors.
Now you might not need a big box like this, but even those tiny little sew on a button box things would work.  Sewing on a button or mending a small hole is super easy, gives you the satisfaction of knowing you're clothes are ready for more wearing and personally, for some reason I like a shirt with a mend in it... I think it looks better....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

If you're into Vintage Sewing, please stop by our sister forum and sign up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today it's some old leather working tools I picked up.
These are made by C.S. Osborne.  They've been making tools since the 1826.
These would be used to punch a hole through leather.  They would be used for belts, Harness... you name it..
Each one is numbered for a size hole it makes.
These should cover about all the bigger holes I would need to punch.
I love old hand tools.  They just have something that modern tools lack.
Osborne still makes this exact tool, so it's cool that there are companies still making a product that they've made for 100 years.  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today it's my beloved sweatshirt.
I've pretty much worn this sweatshirt out, but it might have a few more wears left in it.
I got this back in the late 80's for free from Marlboro... you collected the miles and get free stuff.  My step dad smoked and saved his miles for me.
I've tried hard not to spill too much or paint too much in this sweatshirt.
No seams are left un frayed... no edges crisp... no fabric fresh and new.
What the bottom waist band looks like all round.

What's left of the elbow area... Having a favorite sweatshirt is one of the staples in the Vintage Guy Closet.  This one is going on 20+ years, I'm going to miss this one when it's gone.