Friday, April 1, 2011


Today it's a gift my mom got me a while back.   A vintage Telephone Stand / Table
Back when a house had just one land-line phone, many houses had a special table/chair that they put it on.
My mom, who's a very good weaver, redid the original worn out seat with a piece she wove.
The table has a little shelf that you'd put the phone book in and maybe a tablet and pencil.
The wood was pretty good on this piece so it's all original.
It has some nice details that modern furniture just doesn't do.   It's small, light and vintage looking so if you have a small place this might be a good choice for your decor.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today it's my old pair  of hair clippers.
I picked these up a few years ago.
they works really good and can take different sized clips.
Just adjust the screw, add a little oil and you're cutting away.
Made by John Oster... which later dropped the "John" and just became Oster.
If you don't want the noise and cord of an electric clipper, pick up a pair of these old ones.  I've even been to a few barbers that still use the hand operated clippers like these... They work great and you have more control over what gets cuts and what doesn't get cut.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today it's an old catchers mitt.
Just another garage sale or thrift find.
It's probably from the 70's if I were to guess.
Made by King.  Duro-flex... I always love the names they come up with.
I guess Korea use to makes catchers mitts...  who knew....
It is steer hide at least.  The older ones are horsehide.
It does have a lot of character.
Professional Model 7025.
Rawhide laces.
I like the two toned look of it.  It works and for just throwing around a ball on a weekend it's a great deal.  Old ball gloves are Vintage Gear for Guys.