Saturday, March 26, 2011


So today I finally found the leather sewing machine I've always lusted after... 
The Singer 29-4.
Now it's not the best machine for leather sewing if you're doing a bunch of it, and it's actually made for Patching Leather, but I've always loved the looks of this machine.  
It's a treadle, so no motor... and this one I bought from a one owner family... the 92 year old man who sold me this, said it belonged to his father.  I dated the serial number and it dates to 1898.
I haven't sewn with it yet, but everything is turning smoothly so I think I'm okay.   This head swivels around to all sides you can sew any direction.
The old Singer cast iron stand... It's just a beautiful machine... And truly it's Vintage Gear for Guys...

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today it's the Classic 1940's Stetson Open Road...
Of classic Fedoras, this is in the top five.
These usually came with a "Cattleman's" crown, much like LBJ use to wear.  This one is so soft, I put it in a C-crown.
It's the stetson "Silver belly" complete with trolley cord. 
It's not mint by any means, but just a great everyday wearing fedora.
3-X beaver....
I actually have one in my size but just had to pick this one up as I thought it might fit, but it's true to size....  It is an awesome fedora if anyone is looking for a Stetson Open Road in a 7 1/4 LO.  If interested , drop me  a  line and we can discuss the price....  Classic Stetsons are Vintage Gear for Guys.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today it's a cool Tap and Die Set from Greenfield for the US Navy in WWII
I've got a mix-match box of taps and dies that I've collected in the past, but never a nice kit like this one.
As you can see it's a U.S. Navy Bolt Set No. 0.  Greenfield is still in business today and still makes Taps and Dies.
The "0" would mean the smaller size which is more of what I need.  
I'll add a coat of oil to them so they'll last another 70 years.
Comes with everything you'd need to make some threads...
I like the box has cut outs for everything...
These are really handy if you ever strip out thread or need to add a screw to a piece of metal.
The old Hardware.
The bottom of the box is held together with these for added strength.  I love old tools... They're Vintage Gear for Guys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Time for a Tusting Bag Update.... (See Original post

Well it's going on 8 years now with this wonderful Tusting Melchbourne.  I bought it in 2003 and have carried to work everyday.
I just noticed this wear on the edges where the shoulder strap rubs against the edge and there is a natural fold on the flap.
This side is worse, but after 8 years of hard use.... I don't baby this bag, as I think it looks better with age.

With the flash it's not quite as noticeable, but the leather is looking a bit dried out....
The back shows it more.
Just more shots of bag.
Inside the bag, just enough pockets for all my stuff.
The bottom.  It's not as bad as the sides as it just sits on the ground when I'm at work and doesn't get dragged around or anything.
Now the just dressed leather... I used my favorite... Pecards Antique Leather Dressing... I use this stuff on my vintage jacket, chairs and belts... Not boots though..  just plain boot oil for those.
Now it's still a little fresh but rubbed down and ready to go to work.
Notice all those little scratches and blemishes are now gone.
Inside looks fresh and new.
Now it doesn't fix holes, but should help in the extra wear here....
I can't say enough about his bag.  I would love more Tusting products, especially one of their Overnight Bags... Purely beautiful...  
If you can, get one of their briefcases... Mines going on eight years now and I can't wait till it hits 20.... 
It's Vintage Gear for Guys!