Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today it's the classic "Beatle Boots"
This pair is not 1960's but is what I'd consider a Beatle Boot.
Made by the Florsheim Company.
Zippered sides.
Leather boots with just a little wear to them.
I'm always on the look out for a pair that fits me.  This pair is just a tad too big.
These go great with vintage 60's suits...
If you're a size 12 and want them... let me know.
They're a nice dress boot, light weight and retro cool.  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's day.. or St. Pat's in honor of my item today.
this is my personal 1988 St. Pat's Sweatshirt I bought new back in High School.
Rolla is a town in Missouri that is home to the University of Missouri at Rolla... one of only 2 mining schools in the nation.  Hence their mascot is "The Miner"
And every year on the 17th of March they celebrate St. Pat's.   In fact this sweatshirt is the 80th Anniversary of it... so it started in 1908! So I guess they just had their 100th anniversary a few years back.
They've made these ugly green sweatshirts with new art them each year designed by a student at UMR.  I think the sweatshirts started back in the 60's...
If you're ever in the Ozarks on St. Patrick's day... stop by the university.. It's a huge party and you'll have a great time.  So Happy Saint Patrick's Day from PoohBang!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


If you have one vintage gadget in your kitchen, you must have one of these...
It opens everything in the kitchen.
Bottles, Cans, Wine... you name it, this little gadget can do it.
It's the Vauchan's, the worlds leader in bottle/can openers... This one is probably from the 50's but who knows... this thing has been in production since the 20's and up...
It's like a Swiss army knife for the kitchen.
It's really a must have.
Made in the USA...
I love gadgets like this.  It's so simple, all metal, and made to last forever.   It's truly Vintage Gear for Guys!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today it's something I found back when I was  a boy.
This was just sticking out of the ground on a farm we owned.  I pulled it out cleaned it up and have had it ever since.
It's from a farm implement from the manufacture of Minneapolis-Moline.
This might have been on a tractor or something else... anyone know?
It's not plain steel as it's not rusted, nor is it aluminum.  Probably some zinc alloy.
It's just a cool item in my collection.  Something from my past, from the past....
It's just a cool Vintage Gear for Guys thing...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today it's another pair of glasses.  This time my Ronsir Revelation by Shuron.
I needed a back up pair of glasses from my 40's Shuron (already on the blog)
I liked these because they're 50's looking, but with a modern twist as the lenses are smaller.
The great thing about Shuron, is I had them send me about 5 pairs of glasses so I could get the perfect fit, and then just sent back the ones that didn't fit.   It's a great company to work with.
Plus, they're still made in the USA!  Try to find modern eyeglasses still made here...
You have 3 choices on the ears... I tried the cable, straight and these curves.  You can also customize your color too... I went with this classic tortoise.
If you hold a vintage pair next to these, the metal is not quite as nice as the vintage ones, but to find a vintage looking pair of eyeglasses is tough today with all the rectangle ones out there...  These are Vintage Gear for Guys!