Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today it's a pair of Frye Harness Boots. (currently for sale)
These are unfortunately too small for me but I though you guys might like to see them anyway.
They've seen a little use as you can tell.  I've not cleaned or polished these up at all.
Harness boots to me, scream 60's and 70's to me.  
This pair seems to be of a more vintage line of Frye's judging by the heel and sole. 
They're probably from 80's, but I'm not positive.  I think they still use this sole and heel today.  I was told these are actually newer than the 80's....  
There is something about black boots isn't there...
Looking down.
The classic Frye label.
This pair is actually for sale if anyone is interested.  They're a size 9 1/2 M.   They are what you see.  You can still get this pair today for $238 at Zappos... I'll sell them for $75 bucks shipped in the USA if anyone is interested... just email me.

Harness and Engineer boots are Vintage Gear for Guys!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today it's a cool 60's desk lamp I picked up.
It's that classic desk lamp you'd see on any TV show from that period.  A bit space Age.
This one is gold with a goose neck.
Space age holes cut into the metal shade.
The lamp needs a little work, and I plan on doing that this weekend.
A little surface rust on the bottom.  The cool thing about this lamp is you could use it as a desk lamp or hand it on the wall...
As with most lamps of age, this one has tiny bits of paint on it from a careless room paint.
I think it's a cool looking lamp.  It's not deco by any means, but it defiantly has a vintage vibe.. It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today it's a very cool little item I just picked up.
It's a Westinghouse Electric Alarm Clock from the mid 1920's.
I have not plugged it in yet, as I'm going to open it up and make sure everything looks alright... also the plug is wrong.
Look how awesome that back is.  All Bakelite shell,  knobs for setting turning on, and off, plus another to set the time.  And the really cool part is the nickel metal "stop sign" lever to turn the alarm on and off.
You pull it down like a stop light would be back in the 20's and it actually makes a small switch turn on and off (you can see the switch on the bottom)
Plus it has an outlet on the back!  Keep in mind in the 20's a house might have had one outlet in the whole room.  So here you could plug your light in  your clock and only use one plug.
This whole bit worries me, as I'm not sure what my amps in my house are...  I don't want to fry the thing.
I haven't cleaned it up yet, but look at that detail in the Bakelite.
Top of the clock.  The front isn't glass but a celluloid "plastic"
Don't you wish they made modern alarm clocks with metal levers and knobs... It's like a classic automobile.
I'm really impressed with the looks of this little alarm clock and I'm looking forward to getting it running.... It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today I pulled out my summer hats as the temperature is warming up in LA.
I forget where I picked this one up, but I do like it as it's a nice shade of tan.
it a great hat to wear with a t-shirt or suit.... 
I'd say it's from the 60's.   Cost $16.50 new...
The band is also nice and goes with most outfits.
I love the inside of a classic fedora
It's not straw but a straw like material only softer.
A vintage summer fedora is a great item to have in your collection.  It's a great looking hat to keep the sun off your head and the vintage theme going... It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today it's not really vintage, but it is 10 years old so I'll put it on here anyway.
It's my personal Microtech Socom Elite-M pocket knife.  
I bought this new back in 2000.   I stopped by one of those knife stores that they use to have in the mall.  I actually saw the last years model which was a bit different than this version.  I just had to get one and but the old model was sold out.   I found this one on the Internet.
As you can see, I don't put things in drawer to save them... I use what I own.  I don't abuse it, but I do use it.
This style is very handy as it has the pointed blade, but also a serrated blade for heavier cutting.
It's very, very well made, and I think Microtech was still a fairly new company at the time.  I'd never heard of them when bought this and though the name sounded odd for a knife company.  
Use your thumb or flick it open.  It's a big big to carry in your pocket as you feel its in there, but it's a great piece to own.  I think these have become somewhat collectible since they came out.   Pick up a good knife and use it... it won't let you down.