Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today it's something every guy should have.
the classic Swiss Army Knife.
This one, I got free years ago by sending in "Marlboro Miles"   I'd go all over picking up packs and saving the miles to send in.
It has just about every tool you could ever use.
It's hefty, but not huge and you can carry it in your pocket if you have too.  Just not everyday.
These type of knives are what every boy wanted... A real Swiss Army Knife!
Scissors, pliers, tooth pick and screwdrivers....
What more could you ask for?
Just more shots of all it has.
These things are so handy.  I like to take it camping as it always comes in handy... Swiss Army Knives are a Vintage Guy thing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today, it's two classic Barbour Beaufort Jackets.
I found both of these in a Hollywood Wardrobe resell shop.  
Both look aged by nature or for a movie... I can't tell.
Unfortunately, they were both the same size, and both too small for me.
One is waxed and the other is not.  These are the classic English hunting jacket.
big pockets for game and shells.  
Plus a zippered back pocket to put bigger game in.  All while keeping dry, warm and stylish.
I really wish these would have fit, as they're just broken in enough to be worn properly.
Little touches like a heavy duty two way zippers, smaller zippered wallet pocket and you can add a hood and liner.
Lined in classic tartan.
If you're lucky enough to find one in your size... pick it up!
The waxed versions really show their beauty when they age.
Here's that game pocket....
Barbour makes many different models of these type jackets and they're coming back in a big way.
Barbour waxed and un-waxed jackets are a must in your closet if you're going in wet weather, hunting or just a night out.  Much like denim, they'll actually mold to your body... It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today it's a new jacket I picked this weekend.
A Triple XXX Work Wear  Jacket.  Reminded me of a classic work jacket.
It's heavy canvas/duck material.  Simple but a few nice features on it.
I had some trouble finding out who actually made this, as it turned out Lucky Brand had a side-shoot company called Triple X.  I'm not sure they still make these or not.  But in all, it's made in the USA.
Simple but functional sewing.
Fit pic.  Short Waisted so it goes perfect with vintage jeans that sit on your waist.
Classic Back side adjusters, not bi-swing.  Reminds me a little of my old Sears jacket I posted on there last year.
And two hand pockets is nice as most vintage work jackets only have chest pockets and you have to put your hands in your jean pockets...  It's not vintage, but has a cool vintage vibe to it.  Plus, I can't wear denim jackets all the time... I need some other color besides blue...