Friday, February 4, 2011


I thought you guys might like these...
These are two ads from a 1950 or 51 newspaper.  I don't remember the date for sure.
Back when I was still in high school, my dad bought this old run down farm house in the Ozarks of Missouri.  We ripped up the worn, old carpet, and the entire floor was lined in newspapers.  They used them to insulate the floor!
We were just going to throw them out with that old rug, but I liked these ads and saved them.  I bought some cheap frames and put them in.  I'm going to re-frame them this year.
So one is for Pontiac and the other is for Buick.
Some of the dealers that you could buy these cars from.
And the Fireball Engines...
Look at that happy couple in their new 1951 Buick... and what's that?  A woman driving it?   In 1951?  You bet... This was a family car....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I realized I have a few watches laying around and got tired of finding them in drawers here and there... 
So I was on the hunt for a watch holder box.   I checked around and they were actually a bit pricey... until I found one at a thrift shop... still in it's own box for under ten bucks.
It's actually kind of nice, although made in china.  It's from Chaps and is wood with leather trim.  
Holds all four of my watches.  Each on a "pillow" and in it's own compartment.   I like the glass top so I can see them.
I think I've covered all of these on the blog.  My 50's Omega Seamaster, My 90's Russian Boctok...
My Seiko divers SKK175, and my 70's Seiko Chrono 6139
If you own more than one watch, you should pick up a box to hold them and keep them in one place..  I guess I now need a watch winder, but I'll just live with what I have for now.  

Monday, January 31, 2011


Today it's my new early 1940's Hamilton Beach Model G Mixer...
I found this sitting in the back of a thrift store for ten bucks.
I cleaned it up and discovered it worked perfect, the inside was super clean and the original cork seals look like new.
The chrome little handle is really cool as it adjusts the speed "MixGuide".  And each speed shows what you can do on that speed... #4 Juicing Fruits...  Really cool.
The top hole there is for attachments.
Look how heavy duty the beaters are.. .they even have this chrome bar for extra strength.
The really cool part of this one is the top slides off and the top now becomes a hand mixer!  Plus, that other lever there pushes the bowl to the side so you can scrape the sides when you mix... 
I don't know why they don't make this feature anymore.
It came with two of it's original milk glass bowls.  Made by Pyrex and stamped Hamilton Beach.
I'm going to find some other attachments for this great mixer...
Check out that art deco design on the base of this thing... I mean, you can't find this attention to detail on a modern appliance... I like to make stuff in the kitchen and feel that a vintage mixer, is a must for a Vintage Gear Guy...