Friday, January 21, 2011


Today it's my brand new Levi's 201 Straight Work wear Jeans in lined Wool.
Lined in a blue chambray material.
I don't have any wool pants like these so I thought it'd be cool to own a pair.
The lining goes all the way down to the cuff.
The inside tag.  Looks vintage, but isn't.
Nice features on this pair.  Blackened suspender buttons, cinch back...
Here they are in the sunlight.  Hard to get just the right color on these.  Too bad its warming up here in LA.
I like to wear un-common pants as everyone else.  These are going to be a great fit in the collection... The do though run big so I might have to exchange them for a smaller size...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I'm really excited about this.  It's my step dad's Seiko from 1971.
It's a Chronograph and I'm taking it in today to get a cleaning and over-haul.  I just threw the Bond Nato on it so I have something for it.
the Model is a 6139-6002.   Purchased while on leave in Japan when he served in Vietnam.  He said it was the only thing he ever bought himself during his tour.
He also has the original band, but it's missing the end lug covers.
He wore it from the time he bought it in 1971 till he turned 50.    And after a check up, I'll be wearing it...
It reminds me a lot of the Sea Master from the same time.  You see a lot of these watches with the gold faces.  I like the black one better as it looks less "dated."
As I've said before, vintage watches are a must for a Vintage Gear Guy.  I can't wait to get this one in tip-top shape.  I'll update this blog once I get it back...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today it's another item from my grandfather...
This is his sword he picked up on a trip to Spain back in the 50's.   
This isn't a real sword made to fight with, but more a wall hanger... and it hung in his bedroom since I was a baby, and now it hangs in my bedroom...
The etching is great on this... classic Toledo style.  
It is fun to swing around now and again, but it wouldn't hold up to a direct hit.
All Toledo blades have the name "Toledo" etched into them.
The pummel is great.
I'm not sure of the style of the sword, it reminds me of middle ages style... Having a cool wall art, that has history, style and uniqueness is what a Vintage Gear Guy has on the wall...