Saturday, December 31, 2011


Today in honor of the 1st and resolutions... Let's get in shape..
It's my new 1967-1968 XR3  Schwinn Deluxe Exerciser.
Like an old muscle bike... ready to burn the calories away...
It's only missing the bottom two rubber stoppers for the back legs.
This one came with leather toe straps!
Comes with a real speedometer and timer.
Back when they used real tires and wheels on them.
You get friction from a felt brake pad....

I've kind of always wanted one of these.  They just look so vintage and cool.   Plus they're made in America and all metal!  No cheap plastic parts to break on these, plus they're quite comfortable...  It's Vintage Gear for the "Fit" Guy!

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  1. How much is this bike worth? I have one that is practically brand new.


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