Monday, November 14, 2011


Today it's a very cool item I picked up at an estate sale this weekend.
It's an Oster Blender model 403.  "OSTERIZER"
They call this one the "bee hive" because of the well, bee hive look of the huge chrome base.
This is a very heavy blender.  All metal.  All chrome and glass.
the middle piece turns out and is actually an one ounce measure too! ... in case you're making cocktails...
I'm not sure on the date of this one, but they started making them in 1946.  I doubt it's that old, probably from the late 50's.
I love old appliances.  Especially if they work and this one hums along or should I say "jets" along as it's extremely powerful and sounds like a small jet taking off...   It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

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  1. Definitely manufactured before 1960.


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