Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday I got something I've been waiting for for a while...
It's a full size Stitching Horse... actually the top end of one. 
I made a stitching pony this year and it works great for small items but not big ones.  I thought about making a bigger one, but would have to steam the wood or cut it in a curve... or find an original and modify it.
All the pieces are here for me to work with.   I'll have to shorten the gap so it touches, refinish the wood and fix any cracks.
I'm not sure what wood this is.  I don't think it's oak or maple.  Maybe chestnut?   Could be it's easily 80-100 years old.
This was probably used to make harnesses or collars back in the day.  I'll add a base to it and use it to sew larger items or items that have some bends in them.   It's beautiful as is, but I'm going to actually use it.  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

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