Friday, November 11, 2011


Today to honor Veteran's Day... I just got my WWII A-11 Bulova watch back in the mail...
What it use to look like when I found it.
It had seen better days, although the insides were perfect.   I had it completely cleaned and oiled, new main spring a new NOS dial as mine was flaking apart, a new crystal, and two new hands as my old ones just rusted away...  I think it looks great and it looks period to the watch.
This is a pretty rare watch as it's sterling silver and most were a base metal.
Made by Bulova in 1943 for the troops.
I kept the original band, but will probably replace it sometime.
It has 60 years of time on it and could use a better cleaning.
And here it is being worn.  It's so small by today's standards.
If you have a military watch that needs service, drop me an email and I'll let you get in touch with the expert that restored mine.   I've always wanted one of these and now I'm wearing one!   It's Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. Looks great! I've got my grandfather's A17A Navigator that I wear on a regular basis. Those old Bulovas can be great timekeepers. I've been thinking about getting mine relumed and maybe replacing the hands as they are a bit corroded.

  2. Thanks! If you do get it redone and you don't have a guy.. let me know... I've got a guy who does great work!

  3. Hey there- Who did your Bulova restore, sir? Does he only service Bulovas or other vintage timepieces/Military Spec Brands? Thanks for the assistance. -S

  4. email me and I'll pass along his contact info. He does mostly vintage military watches...

  5. Definitely unique. This would make the perfect gift.


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