Monday, October 24, 2011


Well as you're probably know by now, I like vintage stuff... especially vintage stuff I can use to make stuff with...
Today it's an amazing find of 3 pounds of vintage rivets from Lake Superior Copper!
No burrs with these, but if you remember in my past posts I got two boxes from the same company but with Anchors and Stars on them...
I have a few things going that these will become a part of.  But I have so many now, I should be set for years to come.
I love that they come in the original boxes too!
If you like to make stuff, then having the right tools and materials are then only way to go.
Plus, when I make a "vintage" looking project, it will actually be made with Vintage tools and parts... perfect for the Vintage Gear Guy...

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  1. If you have any left I would love to buy one of those boxes of rivets if you would like to sell one! Please let me know and thank you, Phil


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