Monday, October 10, 2011


I found this cool item at an estate sale this weekend.
Probably from the 1950's.   It's a folding Executive Pocket Pal.
Probably a free item to clients of the Grove Regulator Company in Oakland
All stainless and only 6 inches long.
They just don't make stuff like this anymore.
Folds out to be a full 12 inch ruler, plus it has English and metric, plus a gauge to find angles.
And Decimals on the back!   Pretty cool little item that now rides along in my Tusting Bag.  So I can always have a ruler close by if needed.   It's little stuff like this that completes the Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. I have the exact same one with the same script but on the other sideit reads- Acme Metal Molding Co. Los Angelos, Ca

  2. You probably could start a collection of them from all over the country, as they probably made them for everywhere... I carry mine in my bag and use it about once a week. Very handy little thing.

  3. I have one in my desk drawer that I have had since high school in the late fifties. Two other items that have traveled with me through the years (including my growing-up years in Michigan, living in South Carolina for two years, northern California for seven, Michigan for seven, southern California for five more, and finally back home in Michigan for the past twenty years) are a brass Chinese coin with square hole that has been on my key rings since I began driving in 1958 and a magnifier I made by taping together the two objective lenses from an old pair of opera glasses. It sure beats most modern loupes.

  4. Actually, it only folds out to 8 inches. ;-) I just found one today at an estate sale.


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