Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today it's an awesome new pair of shoes for me!
It's a pair of Bob Smart Longwings from the 1950's.
These will replace my Florsheims as they're one width bigger and fit much better on my foot.
I've got a flash on the shoes, so they're more brown than red, but I did just give them a huge polish.
The quality on this maker is excellent.   It's my first pair of Bob Smart.
Plus it has as solid rubber heel so I should go sliding around corners like I do with the V-Cleat.
Before Star Trek, Vulcan's only lived on the bottom of your feet.
Inside tag.
I'm really digging these shoes.
Usually I don't cuff that high when I wear dress shoes, but thought I'd just live with it today.   Having a great pair of dress shoes is a must in the Vintage Gear for Guys closet.


  1. I've got a pair just like yours. Paid $1.99 for them at a thrift store. They were mildewed and very dirty. Worked on them for several days. Now, I wouldn't take $300.00 for them! What a find! Goes to show you, some people just don't know what they have!!

    1. awesome find! and great job on getting them fixed up.


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