Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today it's a little tool I've been keeping my eyes open for a while.
It's a vintage leather button hole maker... they don't make these anymore.
It's all complete, but just needs a light cleaning and sharpening of  the blade.
Brass and steel.  You turn the knob on the bottom for the length of the button hole you want... and squeeze.
The blade is a bit rusty, but I think some elbow grease should clean it up nicely.
Made by R. Heinisch of Newark N.J.  And I believe this dates from 1874-1914.  Then was bought out by Wiss, the scissor people.
I just love old tools.  I hope this one cleans up nice and I'll be using it for it's intended purpose... Cutting button holes in leather... I'm doing it by hand for www.EarlytoRiseLA.com right now, but having a cool old tool to do it would be great... it's Vintage  Gear for Guys!

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