Friday, July 1, 2011


Today it's something I made this week...
It's called a Stitching Pony and it's used for Leather Working.
You put this between your legs and it's basically a third hand to hold your leather item when you sew it.
These have been around for about as long as men have worked with leather.  A stitching "Horse" is the same design, but attached to a short stool... so you sit on it (ride) it.   While the more mobile one is called the "Pony."  
This one is made from all recycled oak I had laying around... the bottom is even old floorboards from my house built in 1937.   I used no nails in it's construction.
I put a piece of leather on the clamp so the wood wouldn't hurt the piece I'll be working on.
I haven't used it yet as I just got a coat of varnish on it last night but now it's good to go.  I might play with the actual wing nut to make it look nicer, but for now it's good to go.
Having the right tools for the job is very important.  I saw they sold versions of this at Tandy Leather, but it looked cheap and well, I enjoy making things so I thought I could do better....   Plus, I can customize the height as I feel it should be...  It's not old, but the design is, so it's Vintage Gear for Guys!  Edit: yes I attached the clamp the wrong way... it is now fixed and I'll replace the photos....

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