Monday, May 30, 2011


Today it's something special for me.
It's my first pair of Whites Boots.
I've wanted a pair of White's boots for about 8 years now.
And I wanted a pair of their "Semi Dress Boots."
It was actually between these and my Wesco Boss, and at the time I went with the Boss.
But now, here they are.  Box Fresh.
Here they are in their simple state... I had Rob over at White's snap a photo of the raw pieces right after they were cut.    Mine are some where in this pile.
And here they are after a week of solid wear.
I had a bit of trouble with the fit of these, as they are like no other boot.   I had to send them back to be stretched and then got them back and they were still not right.
But I read that that's how they kind of are at first.  So I stuck with it, as painful as it was....
and then on the second day, they weren't quite as bad, and the third, a little better...
See they're all leather and will mold to the foot.  So that's what they're doing.  White's has an "Arch Ease" foot system and if you have flat feet like me, it takes some getting use too.
The construction is top notch!
My specs on this pair is Semi Dress Brown Leather, All antique eyelets, natural edge, standard last, and split sole.
And here they are getting me to work on their first day in the Bronco.
 First Day fit pic.
White's Semi Dress are my favorite new boots.   They feel light on the foot and almost like a pair of sneakers.  They look like I bought them in 1940 and well, they're just cool.   They're Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. Great pair of boots, hope you'll enjoy them.
    the pic of inside the Bronco is very cool!

  2. beautiful boots
    tho this compliment may be a liitle late


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