Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today it's my beloved sweatshirt.
I've pretty much worn this sweatshirt out, but it might have a few more wears left in it.
I got this back in the late 80's for free from Marlboro... you collected the miles and get free stuff.  My step dad smoked and saved his miles for me.
I've tried hard not to spill too much or paint too much in this sweatshirt.
No seams are left un frayed... no edges crisp... no fabric fresh and new.
What the bottom waist band looks like all round.

What's left of the elbow area... Having a favorite sweatshirt is one of the staples in the Vintage Guy Closet.  This one is going on 20+ years, I'm going to miss this one when it's gone.  

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  1. I have the same one in perfect condition! if you want to buy it, you can contact me


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