Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today I had to mend a sweater of mine and thought I'd highlight my box of threads.
Every guy who owns vintage clothes will need to mend his clothes from time to time....  I know I have too.
Every time I hit a thrift store or garage sale and they have a collection of vintage spools of thread, I pick them up... it's so much cheaper than buying each color you would need, as you only need a little bit at a time.
It's a bit messy, but it works.  I also like the fact that my mend has vintage cotton thread in it.
I thought this was funny, "Fruit of the Loom" made thread at one time.
It's really a mixture of spools and colors.
Now you might not need a big box like this, but even those tiny little sew on a button box things would work.  Sewing on a button or mending a small hole is super easy, gives you the satisfaction of knowing you're clothes are ready for more wearing and personally, for some reason I like a shirt with a mend in it... I think it looks better....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys.

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