Monday, March 14, 2011


Today it's another pair of glasses.  This time my Ronsir Revelation by Shuron.
I needed a back up pair of glasses from my 40's Shuron (already on the blog)
I liked these because they're 50's looking, but with a modern twist as the lenses are smaller.
The great thing about Shuron, is I had them send me about 5 pairs of glasses so I could get the perfect fit, and then just sent back the ones that didn't fit.   It's a great company to work with.
Plus, they're still made in the USA!  Try to find modern eyeglasses still made here...
You have 3 choices on the ears... I tried the cable, straight and these curves.  You can also customize your color too... I went with this classic tortoise.
If you hold a vintage pair next to these, the metal is not quite as nice as the vintage ones, but to find a vintage looking pair of eyeglasses is tough today with all the rectangle ones out there...  These are Vintage Gear for Guys!

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