Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today it's not really vintage, but it is 10 years old so I'll put it on here anyway.
It's my personal Microtech Socom Elite-M pocket knife.  
I bought this new back in 2000.   I stopped by one of those knife stores that they use to have in the mall.  I actually saw the last years model which was a bit different than this version.  I just had to get one and but the old model was sold out.   I found this one on the Internet.
As you can see, I don't put things in drawer to save them... I use what I own.  I don't abuse it, but I do use it.
This style is very handy as it has the pointed blade, but also a serrated blade for heavier cutting.
It's very, very well made, and I think Microtech was still a fairly new company at the time.  I'd never heard of them when bought this and though the name sounded odd for a knife company.  
Use your thumb or flick it open.  It's a big big to carry in your pocket as you feel its in there, but it's a great piece to own.  I think these have become somewhat collectible since they came out.   Pick up a good knife and use it... it won't let you down.  

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