Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today it's a pair of Frye Harness Boots. (currently for sale)
These are unfortunately too small for me but I though you guys might like to see them anyway.
They've seen a little use as you can tell.  I've not cleaned or polished these up at all.
Harness boots to me, scream 60's and 70's to me.  
This pair seems to be of a more vintage line of Frye's judging by the heel and sole. 
They're probably from 80's, but I'm not positive.  I think they still use this sole and heel today.  I was told these are actually newer than the 80's....  
There is something about black boots isn't there...
Looking down.
The classic Frye label.
This pair is actually for sale if anyone is interested.  They're a size 9 1/2 M.   They are what you see.  You can still get this pair today for $238 at Zappos... I'll sell them for $75 bucks shipped in the USA if anyone is interested... just email me.

Harness and Engineer boots are Vintage Gear for Guys!

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