Saturday, March 26, 2011


So today I finally found the leather sewing machine I've always lusted after... 
The Singer 29-4.
Now it's not the best machine for leather sewing if you're doing a bunch of it, and it's actually made for Patching Leather, but I've always loved the looks of this machine.  
It's a treadle, so no motor... and this one I bought from a one owner family... the 92 year old man who sold me this, said it belonged to his father.  I dated the serial number and it dates to 1898.
I haven't sewn with it yet, but everything is turning smoothly so I think I'm okay.   This head swivels around to all sides you can sew any direction.
The old Singer cast iron stand... It's just a beautiful machine... And truly it's Vintage Gear for Guys...

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  1. Beautiful. I was researching the model after seeing one for sale today. I'm a fan and user of vintage Singers, most of what I do is quilting, so I've never seen this type before, and was blown away by the oldschool design and filled with lust. Actually thinking if I have enough money to go and get it, I would mostly use it for patching jeans, altho I may get into leather if I have the technology. Congratulations on getting this gorgeous piece!

  2. i have same machine where the heck is the serial number? cant find one on mine

    1. it is located on the lower half of the head. (The part with the long arm that holds the bobbin)

      it is on the horizontal edge facing you when seated at the unit.

  3. i contacted singer etc. still cant find the serial number. where was yours located? was it on a plaque, or stamped into the machine? thank you for your help

  4. Hey Bill, I sent an email to you, but so everyone knows... on the Singer 29-4 on the base part of the sewing machine (the piece that has the long arm and bobbin on it.) on the front edge of that is a beveled piece and in that bevel is the serial number. So if you can find the plate that says 29-4 go about 5 inches below that and the serial number will be there. It might be filled with old dirt/oil so clean out that beveled area and you should see it.

  5. I just bought a 29-4 and would like to find out more about it (what year, etc). The serial number is G9328687... Any input?

  6. you check all the old Singer sewing machine numbers on singers site....

    looks like yours dates to 1922

  7. I have a 29-4 Treadle Cobbler Leather machine, dates to 1908, that is in wonderful working condition. I need to sell it, but do NOT want to deal with the shipping issues. I am in Indianapolis, and would like an idea of the best selling price I should set it at.
    I would appreciate feedback at
    Thank you for your time.

  8. Hello, I have a singer 29-3 any idea how old it is?

  9. I have a singer 29-4 serial # D175527 can you twll me the year? Thank you

  10. David March 27th 2014
    I have one of these in full working order , my father used to use it for shoe and boot repairs. I am getting it out to clean and service. then it will be for sale (sadly) any one interested email me Brilliant piece of machinery.

  11. The gear on the 29-4 fell off from the bottom, how to set it back in place. Help please

  12. I have one but cannot find the serial number. now the looks like it was worn off could that be where the serial number was?
    It does not matter when it was made to me because I use it to sew thick leather and love it.
    I a;sp have a regular industrial leather machine I use both for different uses..

  13. I have a old sewing machine in my house, but I don't know how to use it!

  14. This machine is pretty durable if proper care is taken like timely oiling, cleaning etc.


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