Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today it's one of my hand saws.
I love to find old vintage tools.  They're just better made then anything you can buy today.
And the wear and patina on these old tools just can't be beat.
This one is an old cross cut saw as the blades go to the left and right
This one is made by Disston & Sons out of Philadelphia Pa.   Without a lot of knowledge on this company and old saws, it looks like this one is from 1896-1917.
If anyone has knowledge on this saw please email me!   I actually "found" it again, as it was hanging in my garage and I needed a saw and pulled it down.  It still cuts amazingly.  Slices through oak without any effort.   If you see old hand tools, pick them up, as they'll just rust away and be lost for ever... Old tools are Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. Looks like the collector saws seen on ebay. I'm looking up some wooden handles I have inherited.

  2. Though the hand saw is quite a simple tool, there are guidelines for proper use. Follow instructions from manufacturer as well as these basic tips.

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  4. Razor saws are a one of a kind and fine sort of hand saws which can without much of a stretch handle plastic, wood and delicate metals cutting ventures. They have sharp teeth and come in little sizes.


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