Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I realized I have a few watches laying around and got tired of finding them in drawers here and there... 
So I was on the hunt for a watch holder box.   I checked around and they were actually a bit pricey... until I found one at a thrift shop... still in it's own box for under ten bucks.
It's actually kind of nice, although made in china.  It's from Chaps and is wood with leather trim.  
Holds all four of my watches.  Each on a "pillow" and in it's own compartment.   I like the glass top so I can see them.
I think I've covered all of these on the blog.  My 50's Omega Seamaster, My 90's Russian Boctok...
My Seiko divers SKK175, and my 70's Seiko Chrono 6139
If you own more than one watch, you should pick up a box to hold them and keep them in one place..  I guess I now need a watch winder, but I'll just live with what I have for now.  

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  1. If you are still looking for a bracelet for your Seiko 6319 try Jonathan Koch aka Mr Seiko. He makes a reproduction of the original that is all solid links & actually a higher quality than the original was.

    See here:,18035.msg98503.html#msg98503

    Also here:

    Andy (at) zen mail


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