Friday, February 4, 2011


I thought you guys might like these...
These are two ads from a 1950 or 51 newspaper.  I don't remember the date for sure.
Back when I was still in high school, my dad bought this old run down farm house in the Ozarks of Missouri.  We ripped up the worn, old carpet, and the entire floor was lined in newspapers.  They used them to insulate the floor!
We were just going to throw them out with that old rug, but I liked these ads and saved them.  I bought some cheap frames and put them in.  I'm going to re-frame them this year.
So one is for Pontiac and the other is for Buick.
Some of the dealers that you could buy these cars from.
And the Fireball Engines...
Look at that happy couple in their new 1951 Buick... and what's that?  A woman driving it?   In 1951?  You bet... This was a family car....  It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

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