Friday, January 7, 2011


Today it's one of my vintage U.S. Army shirts
I was looking for the type with the yellow on black "U.S. ARMY" Like they used during Korea and parts of Vietnam.  
I found this one at a thrift a few years ago.  
My favorite part of this shirt is the guys name.  When I got the shirt it didn't have a name, but when checked the pockets out, I found his old name tag rolled up in the corner... I sewed it back on and now love it.... "Kneebone."
I has a stain of rust on the back, but I like my vintage shirts to look a little rough.
the buttons are original, but two have been sewn back on with different color thread.
Now a fit pic.   Hat People cap and '47 LVC both covered on past blog entries.
Vintage shirts are really the best for me.  And having a few old Army shirts is fun to have to.  I usually take off any rank that's on them, as I don't want people to think I'm something I'm not.   


  1. I went to school (and graduated with) a guy with the name Kneebone!

  2. Wish I had that kind of luck. My father's is too damned small for me, however I've noticed that the uniform top of the type my father wore and you're wearing are made of the same weave and materials as the US Army's laundry bags which are issued at basic training. If only I could get my hands on a few of those bags, an old name tape, same buttons, and the yellow on black "US Army" I'd be able to give it all to a tailor here in south korea and have a "new" one made. We'll see how my hunt goes. The buttons and the US Army tape seem to be the hardest things to find on here. As for the name tapes, I'm sure I can find something interesting.

  3. I just bought one like that yesterday. It has the same little triangle on the sleeve and everything.. Mine has the name "Wallace" stitched on the front.


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