Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today it's a cool item I own... A Vintage 1953 Autographed Don Tobin Cartoon Original.
I found this in the picture rack at a thrift store!
It's from 1953 and is the original for King Features.  
To Warren...  the cartoon is "The Little Woman"  Don was an animator with Disney and did Pinocchio and Fantasia... in left Disney and created the panel strip "The Little Woman"  in 1953... So this was from his first year in doing that.
You can see his lines for the inking of the letters.
I also dabble in cartoons, so it's a real gem for me to own.
The original framers tag... notice the phone number and lack of zip code... so it was framed before 1964...  Original art for you wall is a what every guy needs, and if you're vintage like me... something like this is perfect!

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