Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today it's another Levi item I picked up the other day.
It's a Levis Postman Work shirt. 
Over all I like the shirt, and at $19.99 it's a great buy.
It has some nice "vintage" features.  the front has a pleat that ends about half way like a work shirt, but it's tough to see on the plaid.
It has some cheesy features too, like this "selvedge" along the collar for no reason.
And this very odd little pocket on the right side bottom?  What's this for?  Plus the very cool looking buttons are way too small.
Strap collar is a nice touch.
And the color is very cool.
Fit pics.  I don't usually leave my shirts out, but this one seems like it would be okay.
Being wool, I think it will shrink a little and should fit a little better.  The 201's I had on last week did shrink a little once they got wet.   Nice Flannel shirts are must to own and this one is a good piece for the collection.

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