Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today it's yet another "Hat People" Cap.
This one is my first "Extra Full" cut.  
This is my third one from them, and makes 4 altogether in the house. (my son has his own and loves it.)
They make an excellent cap.  No snap on the brim and all wool.  
Every interior is different.  I think they just have scraps of material for that.
Their Tag.  If you get one tell em' you saw it on PoohBang!
Now a fit pic.   I'm not sure I will be able to pull this one off unless it looses a bit of it's puffiness.   
A side view.  My others are full cuts with I love.  I took a chance on this one as, I've never had the "Extra Full"  But, in all fairness it's a big as my original 1935 cap.  Caps are a great head wear choice, if it's cold or raining or nighttime.  Here's their website to check them out.  

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