Friday, December 3, 2010


Well you've probably guessed if you read my blog, that I like Ray Ban's.
Today's pair is a from the early 1990's.  Ray Ban's Olympian II DLX.
The most famous Olympian's would be the gold pair that Peter Fonda wore in  Easy Rider.   I had a chance to buy a pair just like his, but they went for way too much money.
I like the fit of these a lot.  Straight temples like a pair of flight glasses.  They're pretty heavy and all metal, which I like.  Even made in the USA too!
They definitely have a vintage vibe to them.  
Ray Ban's to me are a lot like Levi's.  The older ones are the best, and they just go with everything.  Find a few pairs for you collection... I know I have!

Here's a pic of Peter in his pair from 1969.   Pick up you're own pair through Amazon...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, if you're into vinyl, then you need one of these.  
It's a DiscWasher.  These were "The" record cleaners of the 70's and 80's.   
They're very well made.  Solid Wood (I think it's teak).  The hole is to put your cleaning solution and needle brush.
Very soft cotton to "roll" the dust off your record.  See the line of dust?
So you old your record, and wipe the dust in the direction of the grooves...
I'm missing the bottle of solution and the needle brush...
Having clean records, is a must to a true Vinyl lover.   These are pretty easy to find, as most people don't even know what they are...  They're vintage gear for Guys!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today it's an old Russian Watch I picked up years ago gathering dust at a thrift.
I like the Helicopter on the face.   
Manual wind and it's actually keeping good time.   
I picked up a bond nato watch band and I think it goes pretty well with the watch.
Made in Russia and not CCCP so it's probably from 91-92.
I like having a few watches in my collection.   And these Russian ones are pretty cheap.  They're built like tanks and some actually look pretty cool.   They're not totally vintage  but it's almost 20 years now, so I guess it's close enough...

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today it's a cool item I had but sold last year, but just found some photos of it.
It's a real Record Holder Bonneville jacket from the early 1960's
It was too small for me and too cool to keep without being able to show it off.
The graphics speak for themselves.
Conmatic zipper.
Sir Jac  label.
It would be a super piece to your collection if you could wear it.  Some other lucky guy out there is enjoying this super cool Vintage Gear for Guys!