Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today it's something that I enjoy growing... My Bamboo.
I've got about 6 different species that are growing around my property.  The one above is called Bambusa  chungii.  It's a Blue Bamboo, but actually it's not blue, but has a blue fungus on it that looks blue.
Here's the leaves of it.
And a wide of my new shoots.  I got 3 this year.  I should get twice that next, and twice that the next.
Looking up.
My new shoot.
Here's a wide of Bambusa Chungii
This one is my Bambusa Textilis Gracilis.  I had  about 11 new shoots this year.
Here they are.   Soon I won't even see the neighbor.
This one is cool.  It's Bambusa Lako.  A giant Black Timber Bamboo.
As the stalks get older they turn black like the one above.
Here's a wide of it.  It was just two puny stalks when I got it.   I've had 3 new shoots so far this year.  The first two are at least 20 feet tall..  I really love bamboo.  It's such a peaceful plant.  Sounds great in the wind and has a real Vintage Vibe from it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's Safari Time!
Long before Abercrombie and Fitch sold out for the naked teens look, they used to be a real expedition supplier outfit like Willis and Geiger.
Here is a great example of one of their products... Let's say you're going on a big game hunt in Africa next month... you order a few Safari shirts to keep you cool and stylish in the Jungle or Savanna from A&F.
Very comfortable shirt, although I normally don't pull off the Safari look myself, I couldn't pass up this gem.
Short sleeves that button up.  And what I think are real bone buttons too.
Getting vintage pieces like this not only save them, from the rag bin, but also add to your collection of great things to wear.  They're vintage gear for guys who like Adventure!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I thought today, since it's cold I'd show another plaid wool hunting jacket... this time a Hercules.
It's too small for me, but I really love the looks of this jacket and it's details.
Classic 2 slash with two button front chest pockets.
Nice colors on the plaid too.  Different, but not weird.
and the reason I actually bought this was for this zipper... but the jacket is so nice I didn't want to cut it out.
Just nice details on this one.  Seams are Frenched and everything is very clean on it.  I really like the plaid 50's hunting jackets as they're cool and keep you warm.   I'll be selling this one on the bay if anyone want to buy it.  These are cool jackets.