Friday, November 12, 2010


Today it's my favorite Fedora
I picked this up at a thrift years ago...
It's a Royal Stetson size 7 1/2.  Beat up but well loved.
It's always my go to hat when I'm not dressed up, but just need a good ol' fedora.
The band is stained, the felt is worn (no moths) and it's been pinched so many times the crown is bent.
I really, really love this hat.   Even though it's a tad big on me... as I wear a 7 3/8.. it still fits fine.
Having an old go to hat is important to a vintage gear guy... it's your favorite hat...  So wear it with pride, even if it's not the cleanest, crispest hat you own.  It's your hat, and you love it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today it's my new 1930's - 1940's wood file cabinet.
Sold by Crimes-Stassforth Stationary Co. in Los Angeles.  Most likely made by Globe Wernicke because of the card holder.

This is another piece of furniture I've been looking for quite a while for.
All wood cabinet with wonderful Tiger Stripe oak wood.
Right now I have some of my paperbacks in each drawer.  They even have a wood middle section for your files.
the only bad thing is I'm missing 3 handles.  They look like this if you happen to find any... and they have to have a 5" center screw holes... and I've not found anyone making those yet.
These are little holders that swing up and hide the metal rod that holds the middle section.  I'm not sure why they swing up.....
Looking up at it.  It's so nice.
E-4L29 is the model number.  It probably tells you the grade of wood, the amount of drawers and the finish.  If anyone has more info please comment on here!
Maybe it's the Sam Spade in me but there's something about a vintage wood file cabinet...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today it's a pair of folding binoculars.
These were big in the 50's.   
They fold up like a small box (iPhone size) and then open up to a pair of real binoculars.... although they're not much better than just looking at what you're trying to see.
This pair is missing it's tag, but I think they're from Arrow Crystal made in Japan.  
They're cool to look at, but again, not much help if you really want to use them.  They make everything about 1/2 more size to a point.
but having cool items, even if they're not the best is still cool.  And you'll be the only one using something like this... It's Vintage Gear for Guys!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Here is another pair of Horsehide Wolverine Work gloves I picked up.
I was going to keep this pair for myself but thought I'd just use them and ruin a lovely piece of history.
These are Gauntlet Gloves used for Heavy work (like with metal) or motorcycle riding... anything that would protect your hands and keep stuff from getting up your sleeves.
Lovely pair.  Still with the original tag from Wolverine.   It would awesome to think these are from 1915.... but I'm sure they're not.  Probably the late 30's or 40's though.
The Blue is not denim, but a heavy canvas dyed indigo.
They do match, only one is more sun faded than the other.
It'd be cool if they still made gloves like these again.   They're really a Vintage Guy thing... Horsehide leather, work gloves... Just looking at them makes me want to build something... big and made of metal!