Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today it's my "new" pair of jeans... Bartack..
I got these raw at a movie studio clothing place.  Apparently they were used in a TV show.
I've had them for a few years just sitting... then my current Levis are slowly getting too big for me as I've lost a couple of inches around the waist.
So I broke down and gave this pair a soak...  Still a little loose, but they should shrink up nicely.
They're very similar to a 1950's-1960's Levis.  I was told this is from their 1966 model line.
This is when the Japanese Denim companies could make "knock-off" Levis with "Levi" looking arch and red pocket tab.
The denim is really top notch.  Lovely indigo with lots of "denim hair"
The paper tag.
Off set back belt loop.
And the tag inside the back left pocket.   I assume these are from 1997.

Selvedge Denim is a must in my book for a vintage gear guy... pick some up and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them...

Friday, October 29, 2010


Today it's another telephone of mine.  A bright yellow 1970's Sculptura.
If you're looking for THE 1970's telephone... you can't do any better than this.
It's all plastic and not super heavy like my other vintage phones.  And I've not cleaned this one at all.
Even if you don't like the looks of it you have to admit it is cool looking.
Still rotary.
How it opens up to call.
I just had to own this cool looking phone.  It works good and just looks cool.  If you're a 1970's Vintage Gear Guy... then you gotta get one of these!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today it's my 4 in one bar tool...
It's a jigger.... it's a hammer... it's a bottle opener and I think a corkscrew...  It's always been stuck to unscrew it.
A nice measured 2oz jigger
Made by Chase USA... probably in the late 50's early 60's.
the labeled jigger
Ice hammer
And bottle opener.

Having a 4 in one tool is pretty handy to have at the bar.  Although I don't smash ice any more since I have my ice crusher (previous post).   I do use the jigger all the time and actually like the handle on it to pour easier.   

Having the right tools at the bar makes bar tending a lot easier for the Vintage Gear Guy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had a question about the red chair next to the bar so I thought I'd show them today.
There were two matching chairs my wife found at a thrift.  She picked them both up for under $30.00
They were originally a very ugly blueish-raised-cloth that looked very, very dated and very worn out.
She found this vintage cloth on ebay and it was just enough to re-upholster both chairs.
I think they turned out very well.  They even had springs in the cushion if that helps date them.  I'm pretty sure they're post war.
We kept the legs original.  I think they both go well together.
so if you find a pair of chairs at your local thrift that are ugly, but very, very comfortable... pick them up cheap... and reupholster them!  Vintage guys need to sit too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today it's my amazing (if I do say so myself) Art Deco Bar!
I just got this Saturday and couldn't be happier.  Original metal tooth picks for your martinis!
I have wanted one of these for years now and just never found one I liked and could afford.
It has all the features I love.  Great Deco shapes, and amazing wood.
The top opens up (both bottom and top) open together with one move.  It's all back lit too.
Here's what it looks like when it's in a darker room.
Lightly loaded with hooch.  I'm about out of everything, so I think I need to re-supply.
Both sides are open for storage.   I mean look at that wood.  It's all maple, with amazing Birdseye maple inside.  Plus, 3 drawers in the middle... I have lot's of room for about everything.
Can you see the birds eye?  Tiger striped on the top too.  
I has a little railing around it... Like it's a miniature of some 1930's club or something.   I've always wanted a bar like this and now I've finally got one.  It's very "Nick & Nora"   
If you know anything about who made it or when, please drop me a line.  I'd also like to see what the original glass looked like on the shelf if you have one...  This bar is Vintage Gear for Guys!

If you like art deco.. this site had me do a write up on my bar and they have lots of awesome art deco stuff there too!