Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today it's one of my vintage tools I own and actually use.
It's an old pipe wrench.
It comes in handy when I'm doing plumbing projects.
It's really heavy and super well built is why I love it.
Made by Billings.
They just don't make them like this any more.
I don't know that much about the company.
If you find some old tools like this, pick them up as you never know when you might need one, and why not have something that is super well made!  Tools are Vintage Guy Gear!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today it's a cool little item I found at a thrift that other day.
It's Renew-A-Pocket... a really cool idea.
I know both of my 47's Levi's have blown out pocket bags and this is a perfect fix.
I haven't use this yet, and I'm not sure the glue will still work, but you just iron on this bottom part to your pocket and it's fixed!
I love that's they're period to my jeans too.
They come with two pockets.
They're actually pretty heavy canvas pocket bags.
I see you can find them on ebay for under $5.00 so that's not too bad.
Only .29 cents when they were new!
I wish they still made things like this, but today we just throw away our jeans or pants if they get a hole....  Having mended clothing is a vintage guy thing!  I like a shirt with a mend or two... makes me feel like I'm not a throw-away consumer, I'm a guy who recycles!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today it's an old fishing Jack knife I forgot I had.
I think this sat for years in my grandparents basement.  So it could use a good cleaning/polishing.
Most likely from the 1950's.  It's a pearl handle Jack knife, but for fishing.
Probably nickel hardware.
Now the blade does say something, but I can't quite make it out
It's made by Imperial Prov R.I USA.   I wish it wasn't so rusty.
One nice large fillet blade and another to descale/ dehook and debeercap...
If you fish, it's fun to have some older vintage items to use.  Personally, I only like the older reels as they're much better built.  The rods though are better today then they were back then.   Unless you're going for the bamboo, float type fishing...  But if you find one of these vintage fishing knives they are cool to own.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today it's my Carthartt Duck Canvas work jacket.
I picked this up about 10 years ago or so.  It's actually probably from the 80's.
It's a great work jacket that's fairly comfortable to wear, and you know you beat it up without trouble.
It fits pretty nice.  Roomy with easy to get to pockets if you need them.  It's not that warm though, even with the lining.
I'd like to pick up a real wool one, but haven't found my size yet.
It has that classic 80's acrylic lining.
I like the shape and cut of the jacket and the corduroy collar.
One inside pocket.
The Duck Canvas fabric ages quite nicely.  Triple seams too to last a lifetime.  Classic Canvas work jackets are a great look to own.  Plus, if you use yours like I do, they really take on a nice aged look from all the grime and wear you put them through....  They're Vintage Gear For Guys.