Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today it's my new B-Day present... An Atlas 150 Pasta Machine.
I have another type of pasta machine, but the Atlas you can add different attachments to it.  That top part slides off and you can add other cutters to it.
This is an older one, but I notice some have black handles and some have yellow.  
All chrome steel.  Just a simple machine that helps you make wonderful pasta.  I've been in a pasta kick lately and love to make my own.
Just roll it out then put it through the cutter you want.  This one has two different ones you can make.
Model 150.  They come in other sizes that would be wider  by the number of the machine.
Just adjust the number here to make the pasta thinner and thinner as you run it through the rollers.
The official box.  A Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta maker is a must if you're a guy who like to cook or impress people with your cooking skills.  If you've never had fresh pasta you're in for a treat!  A pasta machine is a must for the Vintage Gear Guy!

Get your own from Amazon here they still sell them!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today it's a really ugly 70's tie... with a surprise...
For some reason, I actually picked this tie up to look at it, as it's probably the ugliest tie ever....  And underneath is a picture of girl.
These types of ties have actually been around for a long time.  This one is from the 70's.  All Polyester.  

They're called "Peek-a-boo" ties.  As you flip it up and well, Peek-A-Boo... a naked girl!
I think a lot of used car salesman and lodge brothers would buy these...  
Due to the content, I added a black bar...  
I guess they thought having her hold a violin would make it less "risque".
"Sourprise" is the label.   A bad play on words...
Here it is in all it's ugliness.  Now a Peek-A-Boo tie might not be the right gear for every guy, but there might be a time when you wish you had one, just to break the ice or get a laugh...