Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today it's my WWI Army Ammo Belt.
My dad bought this when he as a young man at an Army Navy store probably in the late 50's.

I kind of took it to go camping with. I put different things in each of the pockets. Fishing gear, matches, food....

It wasn't until later that I actually knew what it was... To me it was just a cool camping belt.

Last Patent date is 1915.

These are great belts to own if you go hunting or camping as you can really store a lot of stuff in there. I thought you guys might like to see it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today it's my Grandfathers .22 Springfield Rifle.

He bought this rifle when he turned 8 for five dollars... brand new! He was also driving a model T Truck in Cattle Drives when he was 10, so it was a different time back then.

It's probably shot hundreds of thousands of rounds. He used it to hunt for squirrel and rabbits as he grew up poor in the Ozarks of Missouri.

He gave this to me when I was around 16. It's always been very special to me.

It's a Springfield Model 53-B

It's all metal and wood. Just like an old hunting rifle should be.

Single shot Bolt Action. Shoots all .22's. Short and Long.

He carved his initials in it so everyone knew it was his. I love this feature.

Shoots a little to the right....

Inside the bolt... It's very clean. It's just been extremely well loved.

And the one screw that holds it all together... Having a piece of anything from a grandparent is very special and a wonderful thing to own. I'll someday give this to my son and he'll give it to his. An old .22 is a great little rifle to have just to plink around with and if you're okay with guns, it's a for sure a vintage gear for guy thing!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today it's my Vintage Levi Clothing LVC 1955 Jeans.
These were a special run from Levi's in which an extra 3 inches were added to the length.

These are probably my favorite looking pair I own. The denim on these is quite spectacular.

They're been washed maybe 2 times or so.

Notice the tag.. the 501550116 refers to the extra length.

Starting to get some nice combs too.

More close up of the combs.

whiskers are shaping up nicely. I put a lighter in the watch pocket to get that effect.
Here you can see the hidden rivets on the back pocket and the extra stitching across the top button. Classic '55 details.

Here's a shot of the denim... Just fantastic.

And of course the big E.... As you've probably seen on my blog, I love the vintage Levi's. The 55's are probably my favorites, with the 33's right behind them. My 47's are always great and my 37's need more love...
If you don't have true selvedge denim, get at least one pair... Buy them Raw, and wear them till you can't stand it anymore... You'll thank me later. Levi's are Vintage Gear for Guys.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm doing another belt today...
This one is my "Hippy" flower power belt from the late 60's or early 70's.

This belt is huge. It just clears my Levi's belt loops and the buckle and leather loop just clear from one belt loop to the next!

The solid brass buckle is also a heavy piece of metal! The thickness of this belt also on the larger side.

The only thing that needs fixed is a new snap or screw for the one that finally broke...
The belt wears like a tank and looks great with jeans that are faded... If I wear a more 70's style shirt, this belt goes perfect.

My double roller I had made (see other post) was a copy of my Dad's "flower" hippy belt that I loved. If you find one of these, pick it up as they're not going to be around forever... These belts were very well made, solid leather, solid brass with just a pinch of peace and love.