Friday, September 3, 2010


Boy did I find something good at the thrift store today...
One pair of what looks like unworn late 50's Engineer Boots!

Moc-O-Tan Gold Diggers... With what looks like the Chippewa Indian and the Wolverine 1000 mile registered wear... I'm still researching these.

Look at how sweet this pair is...

Looks like no wear, crisp "fresh" leather. Probably Horsehide.

and really nice craftsmanship on this pair.

So simple in design, but so perfect. Engineer boots are either great or bad, there really is no in between.

Nickel roller on the hardware.

Corded soles. "Ruff Neck" soles

Even has the rivet in them.

And the B.F. Goodrich sole!

Just those perfect details on vintage pair you want to see.

Nice simple "V" on the top.

As you know, if you've read my blog here, I love Engineer boots and even had Wesco make a pair in brown, to just about these specs. Unfortunately, this pair is an 8 1/2 and way to small for my foot, but I can't let some guy who doesn't know what these are buy them... This special pair has to go to someone who knows, and will love this pair...

Engineer boots are a must have in any Vintage Gear Guys Closet, and having a real honest to god vintage pair, is the best way to go!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today it's my Aero Leather D-1 jacket.
I actually sold this jacket last year, but thought you guys might still like to see it.

Made for me by Aero Leather Clothing in Scotland. I bought it when I still lived where it was snowy and cold. But I moved to LA and wore it once I think in 5 years... so I felt bad just owning this great jacket and not being able to wear it.

It's really warm and perfect for cold weather. Not too bulky, actually pretty light weight. This jacket was used in WWII as a Mechanic's Jacket. The guys who didn't actually fly but fixed and maintained the planes would have been issued this one.

A close up of the zipper and reinforced area's of heavy wear.

And finally the Tag... If you live in cold weather, I'd recommend an D-1, or B-3 or a B-6. Nothing keeps you warmer than shearling! It's a simple jacket, but yet, stylish in a way. It's gear for vintage guys!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today it's my Khaki Pants from WWII or just before.

I picked these up as a set at a thrift a few years ago. The shirt I put on PoohBang earlier. (do a search for WWII Hawaii) It's a great shirt by the way...

Fit pic. High waisted with a nice full cuff and front break.

These were from a Capt. Konop, stationed in Hawaii, I believe before the war started judging by the patch on the shirt.

A shot from the back. Very comfortable. When I got these they had been let out in the back and you could really see the poor job they did. Plus the older fabric stood out so I re-sewed them back to the way they were issued. They look a lot better now.
Back Pocket with dart. Very nice details on this pair.

Watch pocket.. as it should be.

And a nice shot of the button fly. Notice the top button is probably a replacement and also notice the off centered top button hole.

Khakis are a must in any guys closet, whether you're a Vintage guy or not. Now the Vintage Gear Guy will have the Vintage Khakis.. but these are VERY hard to find today, especially in this size. Good luck if you find a pair and if you do... pick them up!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, I have a thing for Ray Ban's....Here's a new pair I picked up. the Clubmaster.Tortoise with G15 lenses.Classic design that still keeps going strong. These are newer ones and actually my first pair of Ray Ban's made in Italy. Most of mine are vintage, but these just look idea of how they look when looking through them.Having a few pairs of sun glasses are a must for the Vintage Gear Guy. And having a pair that looks vintage is also a must. Please don't always wear the pair you picked up at CVS for five bucks...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today, I thought I'd show my actual Liquor Cabinet.
It's taking up the upper shelf of my glasses cabinet and well, it full of Liquor.

I'll go into detail on each liquor at a latter blog so today it's just the grouping as a whole.

It's filled with whisky, gin, bourbon, scotch, rum, vodka and the various mixers you need.

I'd love to find a nice deco liquor cabinet someday, but they're way out of my price range until I find one cheap.

Having a Liquor cabinet is a must for the Vintage Gear Guy (over 21 of course). You never know when someone is coming over and you need to make a cocktail or just a shot of bourbon...