Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today it's a cool hat I found... A U.S. Navy WWII Prison Hat!
You don't see these laying around everyday.... Made as the card says... in 1944.

Not sure if this was prison labor but it probably was.

Check out this detail! it's mirrored on the other side. Super heavy wool tweed.

6 panel cap. Not sure how you wear it? like a bucket or like this?

either way it's a cool piece. I'm actually going to be putting up on the bay as it's not my size and I generally like to just keep stuff that I can actually use. Anyone a size 7?
Cool things like this are what being a vintage gear guy is all about...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today it's my vintage Timex "Electric" Wrist Watch. This one belonged to my grandfather and is one of the first battery operated watches. I think I dated it to 1967.
It's a classic looking watch. Gold filled, simple lugs and no winder... it's electric!

Here's where a winder should be. but where is it?

These were made in France. I'm not sure which manufacturer

Actually it's like an Accutron where the time set is on the back... that big circle is for the battery. Plus, you can tell it's old since it still says Waterproof!

Vintage watches and vintage guys go together. You can never have too many... even cheaper ones like these are cool, as nobody wears them any more. I just need to find a band that's period for the watch and I'm good to go.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So today, I'm showing a new pick up for me.
Vintage Levi Clothing 201 jeans from 1999! Found them at a resale shop for only nine bucks!

I wish they were raw and not this levi wash, but whatcha gonna do?

I've heard so much about the 201 line, especially the early ones. These are also 555 buttons!

and a different waist cinch than my 33's or 37's.

blackened suspender buttons and a unique watch pocket.

here's the selvedge and tag together... I'm really stoked I found these. I never thought I'd find a pair and for the price I paid!

I've shown some other LVC's I own in the past, they're a great line for the guy who like vintage denim... get some!